This year, homeowners are opting for sustainable and eco-friendly materials for their home projects. What environmentally-friendly material should you consider when building a fence around your yard?

Nowadays, there are several types of fencing you can choose from. However, a modern wood fence is your best choice for low-maintenance and eco-friendly options.

Wooden fencing can be simple to install, but you can always hire a company to assist if you’re not a DIY person. They can also advise which type of wood to choose if you need to familiarize yourself with your options.

If this sounds good so far, keep reading. Here are some major benefits of using wood as your fence material.

It’s An Affordable Option

The first major benefit of choosing a modern wood fence is it’s more affordable than other materials. Across the US, wood is readily available, which means that pricing stays reasonable. Other options that are more expensive than a modern wood fence are:

It’s Easy To Maintain

Wooden fencing is also simple and relatively inexpensive to maintain and repair. Maintenance includes sanding and giving it a new coat of protective varnish once every two to three years. When you’re ready to maintain your fence, you want to clean the wood and remove any dirt, moss, or mildew.

A Variety of Style Options

When you consult a fencing service, they will offer various style options. For instance, there are several types of wood you can choose between, such as:

  • Redwood
  • Cedar
  • Spruce
  • Pine
  • Cypress

The above options can also be stained in various colors, giving you endless style combinations. This makes it easy to blend into your property’s aesthetic.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

When choosing a modern wood fence, you can select wood native to your area. This is a good choice for several reasons.

First, it helps to support local businesses and economies. Second, it reduces the environmental impact of shipping materials long distances. Third, it can help to create a more sustainable landscape by using native plants and materials.

It Increases Your Property Value

The final major benefit of fence installation is it increases your property value. This is because, aside from being an excellent choice aesthetically, it also offers your home privacy and improved protection.

This can be especially important if you live in a densely populated area. Furthermore, a modern wood fence can make your property more attractive to potential buyers and increase your chances of selling your home for a higher price.

Install a Modern Wood Fence Today

A modern wood fence is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for sustainable, eco-friendly, and affordable fencing. It’s also easy to maintain and repair and offers a variety of style options. Additionally, it can increase your property value, making wood an excellent choice if you are considering building a fence.

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