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The Boise Certified Fencing Wrought Iron Difference

Premium Coatings

Certified Fencing places a high emphasis on quality materials. For our wrought iron panels, we take extra steps to ensure long-lasting durability by ordering them with galvanized steel both inside and out before powder coating. This extra measure helps to prevent rust and corrosion, ultimately extending the life of your fence.

Extended Warranty

Certified Fencing’s premium wrought iron fencing is a wise investment for those seeking a strong and long-lasting fence. With our commitment to quality, we guarantee that your fence will be free from defects and built to last, providing you with the assurance and peace of mind you deserve.

Durable & Strong Fences

The unique manufacturing process and high carbon content of wrought iron make it an incredibly durable and strong material, well-suited for a variety of applications including fencing and railings.

Heavy Duty

Our wrought iron fence panels are constructed using a ⅝” picket, which provides a significant 25% increase in strength compared to the industry standard ½” picket. Despite the seemingly small difference in size, this upgrade ensures that our wrought iron fences are even more durable and reliable for our customers.


Certified Fencing is a leading supplier of wrought iron fencing, with a wide variety of options to choose from. We typically have seven distinct styles and four height options in stock, ensuring that our customers can find the perfect wrought iron fence to fit their needs and complement their property.

Boise Wrought Iron Fencing Panels & Gates

Wrought iron fencing and gates, also known as ornamental iron or rod iron, offer a versatile option for various fencing needs such as pool fencing, perimeter security, dog runs, and automatic entry gates.

At Certified Fencing, we specialize in installing our exclusive line of wrought iron fencing designed with strength and durability in mind. Our wrought iron fencing is a cost-effective alternative to aluminum fencing, while still providing exceptional strength. Our customers can trust that their investment in our wrought iron fencing is nearly maintenance-free and can last for decades.

Our team of fence professionals at Certified Fencing is knowledgeable about our wrought iron fence products and can provide recommendations for the best option to suit your specific needs.

Boise Wrought Iron Fencing Options

Welded Wrought Iron Fence & Gates

Welded Wrought Iron Fence & Gates

We take pride in our wrought iron panels, which are crafted with the utmost attention to detail. Each picket is fully encompassed by our welds, which are performed before the galvanizing and powder coating process to ensure their structural integrity for years to come. Welded wrought iron is an excellent option for flat properties and offers the highest level of strength.

Rackable Wrought iron Fence & Gates

Wrought Iron Gate Styles

Certified Fencing has invested significant effort in developing wrought iron panels that can adapt to the slope of your property. Our rackable panels feature top-notch connections that pivot, enabling our fences to follow the contours of your land while maintaining minimal gaps at the fence bottom.

Puppy Picket wrought Iron Fence & gates

Puppy Picket Wrought Iron Fence & Gates

Are you a dog owner worried about your small pets slipping through your fence? Look no further than our steel puppy picket panel at Certified Fencing! This innovative style of wrought iron fence features standard spacing on top for maximum visibility, and double the amount of pickets on the bottom 24” of the panels to keep your furry friends safe and secure. With 4 horizontal rails providing added strength, you can trust in the durability of this fence option.

2 Rail Wrought iron Fence

2 Rail Wrought Iron Fence

The 2-rail wrought iron fence design consists of two horizontal rails, one at the top and the other at the bottom, with vertical pickets placed in between. It is an ideal option for those seeking a fence with maximum visibility and strength.

3 Rail Wrought Iron Fence

3 Rail Wrought Iron Fence

A 3-rail wrought iron fence features two horizontal rails at the top and one at the bottom, with vertical pickets between them. This design is ideal for customers who want increased strength while maintaining an open and spacious appearance.

Custom Wrought Iron Fence

Custom Wrought Iron Fence

Certified Fencing offers a variety of wrought iron fence styles that are not only durable and strong, but also unique in appearance. These styles are perfect for customers who want to stand out from their neighbors while still maintaining the strength and longevity of a high-quality wrought iron fence.

Why Choose Certified Wrought Iron Fencing

Quality Craftsmanship

Quality Craftsmanship


At Certified Fencing, we prioritize quality in everything we do. Our wrought iron panels are crafted to the highest standards, with a focus on durability and strength. To ensure your investment lasts, we use superior coatings that prevent rust and other forms of corrosion. Furthermore, our ornamental iron panels feature 25% larger pickets compared to the industry standard, providing added strength that will stand the test of time.

Top Notch Service &



At Certified Fencing, our team of industry experts is dedicated to prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else. From entry-level staff to seasoned veterans, each member embodies this ideology. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, treating every customer with respect, providing top-notch service, and completing projects with meticulous attention to detail.

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