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Certified Fencing Temporary Fencing Rentals

Made In America

Certified Fencing stocks thousands of feet of temporary fence panels ready to install at your construction site, staging area or event

Stronger Fences

Certified Fencing’s temporary fence panels are constructed with strength and durability in mind ensuring our customer’s security needs are met


We offer wind screening, providing a visual barrier into your job site, in addition to dust control. We also offer custom windscreen that can be printed with your logo or slogan, providing a large marketing platform for your firm

Properly Trained Installers

Our team of installers are properly trained to install temporary construction fencing in a way that provides maximum security and durability for the life of your project

Temporary Fencing Rentals

Temporary fencing rentals are a practical and cost-effective solution for a variety of needs, including construction sites, outdoor events, and crowd control. These fences are designed to be easily installed and removed, providing a flexible and customizable solution that can be adapted to different site configurations and needs. Temporary fencing rentals can be equipped with gates and other accessories to enhance their functionality. By choosing temporary fencing rentals; property owners, general contractors and event planners can create a safe and secure environment while also minimizing their environmental impact by reducing waste and material consumption.

Temporary Fencing Rental Options

construction fencing

Construction Fencing

Temporary construction fencing is a crucial component of any construction site, providing a safe and secure perimeter that helps prevent accidents, theft, and unauthorized access, while also meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

crowd control fencing

Crowd Control Fencing

Temporary crowd control fencing is an effective solution for managing large crowds and queues, providing a safe and organized flow of traffic that helps prevent accidents, injuries, and congestion.

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