Thinking of installing a privacy fence around your property? If so, tip number one: pick a fence that will fit the ambiance of your current landscape.

See, privacy fences come in many different styles. And we’re not just talking about the material itself, although that’s still a key consideration. You’ll also need to choose a design that fits both your style and practical needs.

Want to know more about your potential options? Here are the five most common types of privacy fences you’ll find today!

1. Stockade

When people think of a privacy fence, they’ll likely imagine a stockade fence. This fence consists of a row of side-by-side boards with no gaps. Most stockade fences have vertical pickets, but they can be horizontal as well.

The top of this fence usually features pointed pickets or gothic points. Both options discourage climbing and look great for most yards. For more fence design style points, consider a horizontal cap and trim finish.

2. Board-on-Board

A board-on-board fence is also referred to as a “board-and-batten fence.” It consists of overlapping vertical pickets with no space between them. This type of fence is sturdy and offers complete privacy.

One downside of a board-on-board fence is the cost of building it. Since the privacy fence panels overlap, you’ll need more of them to finish the fence.

3. Lattice

Unlike the previous example, a lattice fence is more decorative. It consists of thin slats organized in a criss-cross pattern. Thanks to its open appearance and design, a lattice fence is a popular modern fencing option.

If you want more privacy, you can grow climbing vines to cover up the fence. Some homeowners also install a lattice board over another solid fence.

4. Shadow Box

The shadow box fence is also known as a “good neighbor fence” since it looks the same for both you and your neighbor. It has a symmetrical pattern that consists of boards placed on opposite sides of the central rail.

In a typical shadow box fence, the boards are close enough to each other to eliminate gaps. That said, some airflow should still pass through. This means it may be possible to look through the fence at a particular angle.

5. Lock-Board

This type of fence has boards locked together in a tongue-and-groove style. Any wood contraction or expansion will take place within this system. This means a lock-board fence will completely block the view.

A lock-board fence can work with almost any wooden fence material. The only downside is that it won’t let any breeze in on a hot day.

Types of Privacy Fences Made Easy

As you can see, all types of privacy fences have their pros and cons. Since they’re a big investment, it’s worth taking some time to research them in detail. Hopefully, this list will serve as a solid starting point!

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