More than 75% of consumers check the internet before hiring a company for their services. Unfortunately, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, this search can become overwhelming.

Our team understands this frustration, so we wanted to do some of the research for our customers. When it comes to finding a fencing company, there are certain features to seek.

Not all fence installers have the same experience or reputation, so it’s essential to do some research. Check out the info below if you want to discover what you should be searching for in a fence company!

1. Different Types of Services

Not all damage will result in replacing your entire fence. This is why it’s important to find a fence company that can install and repair different types of fencing.

At Certified Fencing, you can trust that you’ll get premium materials and deals. If you want to find inspiration, check out our current fencing material sales! With affordable prices, you can improve the appearance of your home, whether you need to start fresh or work off existing materials.

2. Local Reputation

Websites and photos can be deceiving, so it helps to learn about a company’s reputation. There are various methods of learning about your local fence installers, such as Google and social media pages.

Our team at Certified Fencing has excellent reviews on our site. Many of our customers rate our team highly because of our friendly demeanor, work ethic, and quality of projects. If you live around Boise, Eastern Idaho, or Oregon, contact us for help!

3. Pricing of Labor and Materials

Repairing or installing a fence is a major investment that can come with rewards. Although fences boost your property value, it’s essential to understand the costs.

After completing an instant quote with our team, you’ll get an idea of the expenditures. A consultation will ensure you aren’t blindsided by the bill.

4. Material Options

There are a variety of fencing materials that can help protect your land. Before you commit to a team, you must know what they can offer.

Certified Fencing is popular since we provide vinyl, wood, and wrought iron. Chain link, privacy, and picket fences are available. If you have a pool or dogs, we can also provide fencing choices for increased security.

The average pet owner deals with more than 70 pet panics a year, which are often related to animals escaping. You can avoid this stress by getting a reputable company to install durable fencing.

5. Experience

Going with a new company can help you get a deal, but if you want the best fencing company, you must look at the experience.

During consultations, you can request more info about the team’s skills. A lot of experience can be useful if you’re working with difficult materials or have a complicated landscape.

Find Fantastic Results with Our Fence Company

Picking a fence company can get overwhelming when you see diverse prices, services, and materials. The list above can help you focus on the important elements of a fence installation team.

Our business is based in Idaho and Oregon, ready to provide excellent service. After a consultation, you’ll feel confident with the project and investing in your home.

If you want inspiration for your exterior upgrades, check out our modern fence ideas for a trendsetting house!