Has your fence been looking outdated or seen better days? Or has it been wrecked by inclement weather or a natural disaster? Whatever the case, it may be time to upgrade to a more contemporary fence.

So, where should you start? With so many new types of fences on the market, choosing can be difficult. Here are five modern fence ideas to help you decide.

1. A Bamboo Fence

Bamboo is a fantastic material for a contemporary fence. Opt for a modern look by putting bamboo stalks together with a strong base, such as concrete.

If you are eco-friendly, bamboo is also one of the more environmentally-conscious materials. It is relatively easy to harvest and the environmental impact from your new fence will not be as heavy as other fencing material, like wood.

Bamboo fences also tend to let more light in. The fence can give you privacy and seclusion without creating shadows over your space.

2. Climbing Fence

If you enjoy plants that climb, you can get the best of both worlds with a climbing fence. These fences incorporate trellis-like elements into their design, so your flowers and vines will have somewhere to climb.

When you install a climbing fence, make sure that the fence can support the weight of your plants. Ideally, you want something sturdy, such as solid wood or concrete.

3. Vinyl Fencing

Want a cheap option that is also highly customizable? Look no further than vinyl fencing. This modern fencing material is easy to install and even comes in a variety of colors.

Vinyl is a stronger material than wood, so it can withstand a lot of wear and tear before it is permanently damaged. Many vinyl fences also have excellent customer warranties.

For people who don’t like maintenance, vinyl could be the right contemporary fence choice. You can have a beautiful modern fence gate with much less work to keep it that way.

4. Repurposed Pallets

Repurposed material makes for a great contemporary fence. If you have old pallets lying around your property, consider turning them into new fencing material.

For an easy method, try putting the pallets together whole. You can also yank out the original slats and combine them into your ideal fence design.

Even if you do not have any spare pallets sitting around, you can find them around your community. Check local construction sites, hardware stores, and grocery stores to see if they have free pallets you can take.

5. Concrete Fence

If you want the ultimate security fence, concrete may be the best choice. Unlike wood or vinyl fences, concrete fencing can withstand all types of weather and force.

In addition, concrete fences have a lifespan of several decades. Once you install your concrete fence, you won’t have to worry about replacing it for a very long time.

Consider These Modern Fence Ideas

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