When you think of “wrought iron fence,” you probably think of sophistication and classiness. You may also wonder, “Why do I need that?”

That’s fair; your fence doesn’t need to be fancy. All you want it to do is surround your property, it’s not like a wrought iron fence is better than other options, right?

The truth is, there are advantages to choosing this type of fencing. Read on, and we’ll tell you five reasons you should choose wrought iron fencing.

1. It’s Elegant

You may not think much of elegant decorative fencing options, but investing in wrought iron fencing is worth the effort. This type of fence offers a timeless and unique appearance that enhances curb appeal.

Increased curb appeal can also increase the value of your home. Barring that, it makes your house look more inviting to potential buyers.

You can choose from various custom fence solutions, but wrought iron is the most malleable. You can have it shaped however you want — different shapes and styles to fit your landscaping and tastes.

2. It’s Durable

Wrought iron is incredibly tough. You can damage one of these fences, but it’s not easy. Century-old homes often have their original iron-wrought fencing because it stands the test of time.

Not only is the fencing itself durable, but the anchor is also strong. Wrought iron fences are often anchored by cement or brick. They can withstand severe weather and impacts well.

3. It’s Low Maintenance

Part of wrought iron’s longevity is its low maintenance — especially compared to wood or PVC. It only needs painting every few years, and as mentioned, it’s resistant to extreme weather.

Wrought iron fencing is simpler to repair than other types, too. You can fix small sections that bend or break. It’s different than wood — if a small section is damaged, you’ll have to replace the entire plank.

4. It Offers Privacy and Security

Wrought iron may not seem like the ideal home security fence. But, it’s difficult to break into or climb over a durable metal wall.

How much security you get from your wrought iron fence depends on what type you get. Choosing iron fence designs matters when it comes to privacy and security.

You’ll want a tall fence with close-together bars for security. Combining this with an intricate design can keep nosey neighbors from peeking into your yard.

5. It’s Eco Friendly

Wrought iron is an ideal choice for people looking for green fencing choices. Its durability means you’ll waste fewer resources replacing it. You can easily recycle or repurpose the material if it ever breaks or you replace it.

Trying to Install a Wrought Iron Fence?

If you’re curious, you can DIY install a wrought iron fence. But it’ll be an uphill battle. That’s why you should hire Certified Fencing to get the job done.

We install all sorts of durable fencing materials, like wrought iron, aluminum, steel, and Trex. Certified Fencing uses quality materials, which we offer at the best prices in the industry.

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