Studies show that about half of the homes in the United States have fences in their backyards. With so many homeowners needing to know about fence upkeep, knowing how to make the most out of your fence’s lifespan is critical.

Before you get a new fence, it’s a good idea to try out repairing fence sections. Doing so can save you money overall, stop you from wasting resources, and ultimately make the job less of a hassle.

If you’re curious to learn more about fence replacement, we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about fence repair in the western United States

Threats to a Fence

To start, what’s making you need to repair your fence? Here are the main threats to the structural integrity of your fence.


Arguably the biggest source of damage to your fence will be the weather. Oregon, in particular, is no stranger to lengthy, soaking rains and cold weather. The closer you get to the coast, the more likely this damage is.

A wooden fence is most vulnerable to damage from weather. However, fences made of metal are likely to need replacement after enough exposure as well.


Naturally, fences will need replacing as time goes on. You should keep tabs on your fence’s quality as time goes on. Look for signs of wood rot, rust, or other threats that could damage your fence’s integrity.


Finally, it’s likely that your fence will sustain some damage as time goes on. Storms are a particularly likely source of damage, but pests and wildlife can also pose a threat. If your fence is damaged, repair or replacement will likely become necessary.

What to Repair

Now that we know more about what sorts of damage to look out for, what does a repair entail? Here are the main things you should consider while looking at repairing your fence.

Fence Posts

The fence posts are the “anchor” of your line of fence. These are the larger, thicker posts that connect the fences.

Replacing these requires you to extract the faulty post and dig a deep, secure hole. At times, this can require special equipment. A professional fence company can handle this repair task for you.

Replacing Sections

Replacing sections of your fence requires you to remove the section between the posts and replace it with a fresh piece. Sometimes, you can replace individual planks if there’s only one fence damaged.

We recommend having your fence inspected by professionals to see how much replacement is necessary. Doing so can save you money, effort, and time on new fence sections.

Repairing Fence Sections Easily

Repairing your fence instead of replacing it can help extend the life of your fence. Having professionals inspect your fence beforehand can stop you from wasting time and resources repairing something that needs a full replacement.

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