Did you know that fences are arguably the most common human infrastructure on Earth? Some estimates state that the length of all the fences in the world is ten times as long as all the roads!

With so much fence, knowing how to make the most out of your new fence installation is critical. But what sort of costs should you expect to have tied to your fence installation?

If you’re curious about the cost of a new fence, we’re here to help. Read on for a brief guide on how to budget for your upcoming fence repair or replacement.

Costs Related to Your Fence Installation

To start, what sort of costs should we keep an eye out for? Unfortunately, there’s no single cost that you can tack onto the price tag of any fence.

One of the main issues is that there are so many types of fence, as well as so many different fence installers. Here’s a quick overlook on how these things impact your prices.


Arguably the most important factor is the material your fence is made out of. Fences can range from “chicken wire” metal fences to keep a garden bed safe to large, illustrious wooden fences that give your backyard a sense of privacy.

Different materials, predictably, have different costs. However, there are also perks to each type of fencing.

Vinyl fencing, for example, is one of the pricier options. Some estimates range from $70 to $120 a panel, depending on where you’re shopping. In turn, you enjoy great durability and a weather-resistant benefit.

There’s also the difficulty of how each type of material is priced. Chain link fences are usually charged by the length of the roll, while natural wood fences often go by panel or picket. Keep an eye on what sort of material you’re shopping for.


Another important cost is the cost of labor. Typically, this only comes into effect if you’re hiring fence installers or a professional fencing company.

At Certified Fencing, we’re dedicated to providing you with affordable options. We offer fences for everything from privacy and pools to pet fences. Browse our installations to see how we can provide you with the best service.

Clearing Land

Finally, there’s often a cost to clearing land to install a fence. If you’re repairing or replacing a fence, this often isn’t something to consider. But if you’re installing a new fence and need to terraform the area, make sure you factor these costs in.

Overall Costs for Fence Repair

Ultimately, there’s too many factors that impact the price of a fence to give a price tag. Consider the cost of the fence material you’ve chosen and calculate the price by seeing how large of a fence you need. Find reputable and trustworthy fence installers to discuss a budget with.

Making the Most of Your New Fence

Keeping your current fence repaired and maintained is usually cheaper than buying a new fence. Do your best to practice regular fence repair. When it’s time for fence replacement, find a trustworthy fencing company.

At Certified Fencing, we understand that a fence is an investment in security and privacy. Our team of experts takes pride in their work and never compromises on quality. Contact us to see how we can improve your property.