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Metal Gate Installation and Repair in Boise, ID

When looking for a gate and fence installation company, make sure you are looking for contractors who are able to provide you exactly the type of fence and gate you want. There are plenty of different fence and gate contractors in the Boise area, but Certified Fencing is the best! The gate services we offer include residential gate installation, building a chain link fence and gate, chain link gate repair, wrought iron fence gates, custom wood or vinyl gates, and more!

Follow the following link to our website to check out our photo gallery of beautiful fences and gates we have installed in your area! Here are a couple of the most popular options to choose from when considering having a gate installed on your property:

White shelley semi private fence and gate installation in idaho
Custom Vinyl Gates

Our white vinyl material is a great option if you're looking for an attractive, functional, and durable gate for your yard! These stylish gates also come in different colors, and are sure to boost the overall look of your beautiful home! Also known as PVC or plastic fencing. 

Wood Gates

Wooden gates installed by Certified Fencing are durable, handsome, long-lasting, and overall a terrific option for any yard, business, or property. These wooden gates are sure to exceed your expectations and provide you with the sturdy sense of security you are longing for. 

Fitting a garden gate latch and putting a gate in a fence can be a difficult task for people who are not properly and professionally trained and certified in fencing. Fence and gate installers from Certified Fencing are the best in the business. Our wood, vinyl, chain link, and wrought iron fence contractors are professional, efficient, helpful, and dedicated to giving you the fence and gates you want! Certified Fencing has been providing extraordinary hassle-free services at a very affordable price for over 30 years! We know that fence and gate installation costs can get pricey---and we're here to help you receive the best services at a reasonable price.

Call Certified Fencing today at (208) 449-2040 or fill out our online form to learn about securing your property with the most affordable and durable wrought iron fencing company in Caldwell, Nampa, Meridian, Boise, Eagle, Kuna, Fruitland, Star, Middleton, ID and the surrounding areas.

Decorative Aluminum Fence and Side Gate Installation

When homeowners and business-owners are looking into building fences around their property, they are looking for a number of things. They want a strong fence that will last through the changing Idaho seasons, one that will add to the pleasing aesthetic of their yard, and they want the services done quickly at an affordable price. These three criteria seem like the bare minimum to make a privacy fence installation investment worthwhile, but they are surprisingly overlooked and oftentimes unattainable. But luckily, there is a solution that will allow you to obtain all these criteria and more! 

Metal fence (1)

The most popular option for fencing material is wood. Although wood is affordable and sturdy, wooden fences can become rotten by weather or sprinklers or wood-eating insects. Certified Fencing's Decorative Aluminum Fence Installation Services are everything you are looking for and everything you need in a fence! 

  • These fences will help create a beautiful look in your yard which will ultimately add to the property value of your home or office space. Whether you are surrounding a pool or garden, using it to delineate property lines, or keep animals in---these decorative aluminum fences are a wonderful option for those who value their yard's aesthetic. 
  • Aluminum fences are resilient against harsh winds and rainstorms. Certified Fencing is sure to properly and professionally seal your aluminum fence so it is able to withstand the weather patterns of Idaho. Aluminum fences that are not properly sealed may experience rust or corrosion due to humidity, rain, sprinklers, yard chemicals, and more. The sealant we use will make your fence water resistant and chemical resistant, so rust will not be an issue in your yard!
Call Certified Fencing at (208) 449-2040 or fill out our online form for a free estimate on fence installation or repair for your residential, industrial, or commercial property. Serving Caldwell, Nampa, Meridian,Boise, Eagle, Kuna, Fruitland, Star, Middleton, ID and the surrounding areas.

Home Improvement Projects: Privacy Fence Installation in Boise, ID

Privacy is an important aspect of a home and yard. Other people plant tall bushes or trees that block out the neighboring houses and make it seem as if their home is not near others. Another great way to attain the quiet solitude you want is building a privacy fence! 

Having a 4, 6, 8, or 10-ft. vinyl or wood privacy fence built between you and your neighbor's yard could be precisely the solution to finding the privacy you and your family are searching for. Some homes in the Boise area don't have property fencing, meaning all the yards in your neighborhood run together with no clear boundary. This may be unsettling to some homeowners who are longing for the benefits of a private yard. Here are some other reasons one might want to build a fence on their property:

Certified Fencing

  • Keep children safe
  • Keep pets in the yard
  • Establish property lines
  • Additional privacy and security
  • Increase property value

With pets or kids that love to run around outside, a fence around your yard is essential to their safety and your comfort as a parent. Certified Fencing is a professional fencing company that can provide you with the peace of mind you want when you let your kids out to play! 


So, if privacy fence installation is what you’re looking for---you’re in luck! Certified Fencing serves Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna, Star, and Eagle with the best and most affordable privacy fence installation in the valley! Whether it be vinyl, plastic, cedar, composite, or wood privacy fencing installation, Certified Fencing is the company to trust. Our professional privacy fence contractors will offer you efficient, affordable, and reliable service exactly how you want it. We offer custom fencing (building, installation, and staining) to homeowners that have specific needs, and we guarantee to exceed your expectations! Even if you have already purchased a fence and just need it to be installed, we can take care of that, too!

Home improvement projects are a hassle to do by yourself. Whether you want PVC garden privacy fences, white privacy fence pickets, or a gray privacy vinyl fence, get professional help from Certified Fencing to receive the best residential fencing services in Boise!

Call us today at (208) 449-2040 or fill out our online form on our website for a free estimate from the best wood and vinyl fencing in the Boise area. Follow this link to see pictures of privacy fences we have installed near you!

(*It's important to consult the HOA property management CC&Rs and fencing rules before adding any permanent fencing to your property.) 

Benefits of Putting Up a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are extremely advantageous for many reasons. Homeowners, business-owners, and sporting coaches alike love the cost-efficiency of the chain link fences that have been installed on their properties and fields. They can allow for privacy without blocking the beautiful view, not to mention they are installed quickly and easily. The average cost to install a chain link fence is also significantly less than installing fences of other materials such as cedar or vinyl. A lot of chain link fence contractors and installer companies near me and you offer expensive prices for jobs that are done hastily and are left incomplete. Certified Fencing is an affordable and professional residential and commercial wire chain link fence company in Idaho that will give you the results you’re looking for and for a price you like. Our chain link fences can allow you to:


  • Increase security 
  • Establish property lines 
  • Surround a baseball field
  • Install a dog run
  • Gain privacy
  • Protect your business
  • Prevent trespassers
  • Save money!

Certified Fencing
Building a chain link gate or fence and top rail through Certified Fencing will cost you less money than having it done through other companies. Not to mention we use better materials, tools, and chain wire fencing supplies, and we hire better contractors that will give you a product you will love. If you’re looking into building and installing a chain link fence or gate on a hill or slope, call Certified Fencing! Wherever you may be, putting in a chain link fence is our specialty. We offer a lot of different options for you chain link fence installation, including white, green, and black chain wire fencing, and 4-foot, 5 ft, 6 ft, 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 foot, 14ft and 16-foot chain link fences and gates.

Serving Caldwell, Nampa, Meridian, Boise, Eagle, Kuna, Fruitland, Star, Middleton, ID and the surrounding areas for over 30 years---Certified Fencing is a chain link fence estimator, supplier, builder, and installer you can trust. Call us today at (208) 449-2040 or fill out our online form on our website for a free estimate!

Low Cost Cedar Fence Installation Company near Boise, ID

Garden fence

Maybe you’re looking for privacy. Maybe you have pets you need to keep in your yard, or stray pets you want to keep out! Perhaps you have young children that love their backyard, and you’re longing for a sense of safety and security as they play. There are a lot of reasons homeowners want to build fences around their properties. Certified Fencing is here to make sure your investment in a privacy fence worthwhile and stress-free.

Whatever your reasoning is for adding a fence to your property, make sure it's done correctly and exactly how you want it to be! Look for builders who can offer you custom fencing! Wood privacy fencing contractors from Certified Fencing guarantee you will get the highest quality, most sustainable, and best lumber for your fence. We will cut, build, install, and stain your fence to your request and will do all we can to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Don't settle for less than the best! 

What is the best material for building a privacy fence? 

There are a lot of different materials to choose from when building a fence (wood, chain link, wrought iron, vinyl, etc.). Cedar is one of the best woods to build fence boards from, especially when it can be custom cut to meet your needs. Not only is cedar strong and long-lasting, it is also very cost efficient! The cost to build and install a cedar fence is much less than other materials, and will give you a durable fence that will last throughout the changing Idaho seasons. Along with its durability and affordable cost, cedar is also beautiful and a wonderful addition to your yard. A well-made cedar fence from Certified Fencing can add tremendous value to your home!


If you’re looking for a cedar privacy fence company, Certified Fencing is one of the best wood gate and fencing companies in the Boise area. A fence installed by professionals from Certified Fencing will last longer and stronger than from any other wood privacy fence builder and installation companies near me and you. Whether it be a garden gate, a fence around the pool, or a property line, you can trust Certified Fencing to give you what you need. 

Need a fence installed in Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna, Star, or Eagle, Idaho? Call us today at (208) 449-2040 or fill out our online form on our website for a free estimate!