Bulk Fencing Supplies in Murphy, ID

If you are a contractor and need to buy supplies in bulk, call us to see how we can help.
If you own your home and want to get fence supplies and install your fence yourself, we will help you get the materials you need. While some buyers purchase cedar wood fencing for privacy, others prefer how durable and long-lasting a wrought iron fence is. There are several reason to think over when you are choosing your fencing, including HOA rules, cost, aesthetics, privacy, and security.

At Certified Fencing, we provide many styles for commercial and residential fences.

Fencing Types & Styles

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Privacy fence

Privacy Fencing

Homeowners regularly decide on vinyl or wood fence supplies. Installation for wood fencing is easy and fast, and vinyl has a variety of designs. fill out pros and cons.

Thoreau semi-private fence


Fencing for the purpose of semi-privacy is often built with vinyl. The panels we offer have a variety of styles. It provides privacy but also allows for airflow and light. It acts as a screen between neighbors or as a transition point in a backyard or private space to a public area.

3 rail ranch fence – White

Ranch Rail Fencing

Also known as post & rail fencing or split rails, this style of fence is generally built from wood or vinyl and is used to keep horses and cattle in the pasture.

Aluminum fence

Decorative Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum is a frequently used material because it is easily maintained, is non-corrosive, and may be custom-made into appealing ornamental fences. You will often see black or white aluminum pool fences and sliding gates, as they are low maintenance and don’t rust.

Wrought iron fence

Wrought Iron Fencing

Sometimes called “rod” or “rot” iron fencing, this durable metal is a contractor to build an assortment of security, custom, and ornamental fences and gates. Because this metal can be shapes or “wrought,” into many designs, iron is a regular option for decorative antique-looking fences, garden railings, and entry gates.

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