Ornamental Aluminum Fencing

Wood is a traditional material that can be used for some of the most affordable fencing options with a simple installation process. Unfortunately, wooden fences weather, rot, and can become infested with wood-eating insects, causing them to have to be repaired or replaced more frequently. Wrought iron is sturdy and long-lasting, but it can be expensive. If not properly sealed, it will also rust.
Ornamental aluminum gates and fences are a beautiful, low-maintenance solution for your home or business.  An affordable alternative to wrought-iron, aluminum is strong, lightweight, water-resistant, and non-corrosive, meaning it doesn’t rust.

Ornamental aluminum fencing

Because aluminum is a flexible material, a horizontal aluminum fence can be shaped into unique designs and installed on a variety of surfaces and landscapes. Aluminum is an extremely popular material for pool fences, decorative garden panels, and gates for outdoors. White aluminum might be an attractive and inexpensive fencing option for your yard or garden.

Pros of aluminum fences:

  • One of the more inexpensive fence options
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive
  • Low-maintenance
  • Can be made into a wide variety of designs & colors
  • Water & chemical resistant
  • Recyclable material
  • Long-lasting
  • Best used in low-impact areas

Cons of aluminum fencing:

  • Not good for privacy fences
  • Not as strong as iron or steel and is damaged easier
Decorative aluminum fence

Decorative Aluminum Fences & Gates

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